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Amy Morton, Bs. Ed, CSCS
Sugar Hill, GA (678)-333-6419


Your “Core” is the link
between your upper
and lower body.
Exercise physiologists now
realize the importance of
working your body as one unit

Amy Morton has helped me change my life!  When I started training with her in July '06, I was 175lbs and today, I am down almost 30lbs.  I am stronger, healthier and more energized than I have been in my entire life.  She has helped me meet my goals, keep me accountable and motivate me.  She is awesome! -Jenn, Lawrenceville, GA

I've been training with Amy for nine months, since June '06. Even though I am inconsistent :( Amy never stops motivating and encouraging to never quit. Somehow, surprisingly, even when I do miss a time or two and EAT wrong, my body and weight maintain from all the times I do train!! I'm very comfortable with Amy and would highly recommend her as your personal trainer. -Barbara, Snellville, GA

I started working out with Amy 2 months after my second child was born. She has helped me on the road to regaining my pre-baby body and the weekly workout is often the highlight of my week. Her weekly email homework and feedback on my food journal help to keep me more disciplined at home. Amy is also a great person and we have had fun running races and taking the babies hiking outside of our weekly workout time. - Lesley, Sugar Hill, GA

I have been training with Amy for a year now and I have had great results. When she and I met for the first time I told her my goals (smaller thighs, trimmer legs, and most of all, more definition in biceps, triceps and shoulders). Amy listened and has consistently provided me with workouts to help me meet those goals. She also challenged me to increase my running and make some changes in my diet. Because of her workouts and encouragement, I have seen great changes in my body. I highly recommend Amy as a trainer. -April, Marietta, GA

I have had the honor of personal training with Amy for several years. Her knowledge of body building, nutrition and equipment is outstanding. Her workouts are intense, exciting, challenging and fun! You never have the same workout twice. She listens to your goals and makes sure she meets your individual needs. She cares about her clients and keeps you motivated so you don't lose sight of your goals.The results speak for themselves. Thanks Amy! -Lisa, Marietta, GA

I found Amy through Kudzu and was impressed by the reviews left for her. After 6 weeks training with Amy I would say she is indeed all that and more! She comes to our neighborhood and trains a small group of us twice a week, emails follow up "homework" workouts, and keeps us accountable through our participation in a daily food journal. Amy keeps us motivated and encouraged. She is organized, knowledgeable and always on time. Her workouts are full of variety and her smile is always there! -Wendy, Sugar Hill, GA