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Amy Morton, Bs. Ed, CSCS
Sugar Hill, GA (678)-333-6419

Strengthening your core will
give you:
Firmer, Stronger Abs
A Stronger, Leaner Upper
Decreased Back Pain
Toned Glutes and Thighs

I believe in consistency. You will be successful and reach your health and fitness goals if you are consistent. Yes, it is that simple.

To help you remain consistent with your exercise program, and to get the most out of your personal training experience, I assign daily homework. After each training session you will receive a personalized, very detailed homework assignment, via email, that will supply you with exercises to do until we meet again.

I have found that clients who complete their homework reach their goals much sooner than clients who do not. I know everyone is busy. Therefore I will help you find ways to add exercise into your daily routine. You will have time to complete your exercise homework, you will be consistent, and you will reach your goals!

I also like to have my clients keep a food journal. Keeping a food journal holds everyone accountable. One is less likely to eat that piece of chocolate cake if they know I am going to see it listed on their food journal. I ask that everyone email me their food journal or bring it with them to their appointments. I analyze the journal and return it with some helpful advice.

All of my clients complete a fitness evaluation before we begin training. Every 4-6 weeks my clients are measured and weighed. All of the training I do is very personalized. Each exercise program is different depending on one’s goals and personal health.

I really enjoy what I do. I look forward to every single appointment. I am a “people person” who loves to help people get healthy and stay healthy. Training with me is a fun, comfortable, and rewarding experience. I guarantee you will enjoy every training session and you will reach your fitness goals.